Efficient extraction of the air that enters the cockpit from the vents has been considered in many glider designs over the years but only recently has it been investigated further to understand the impact on glider performance.  Most gliders have openings at the base of the rear of the fin to try and allow the air to exit the fuselage efficiently.  Poor extraction leads to pressurisation of the cockpit causing air to escape around the canopy and through the control surfaces of poorly sealed gliders.

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The ASW19 and ASW20 Air Extraction Duct is designed as a direct replacement for the fuselage inspection panel.  Due to the complex nature of this design, the Air Extractor is made out of a structural rapid prototyping material that allows for an aerodynamically superior part and with hollow aerofoil sections, weighs approximately 70 grams. 

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To assist with the air flow from the cockpit vent to the Air Extractor, it is suggested that the detachable parcel shelf behind the pilot’s head is modified and additional vents are added. It is not advised to remove the parcel shelf for flight as it prevents items falling into the centre section of the fuselage where the controls are located. The Air Extractor Duct is supplied with a full scale drawing which shows the location and size of holes to cut for the vents to be installed.

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