To assist with the air flow from the cockpit vent to the Air Extractor, it is suggested that the detachable parcel shelf behind the pilot’s head is modified and additional vents are added. It is not advised to remove the parcel shelf for flight as it prevents items falling into the centre section of the fuselage where the controls are located. The Air Extractor Duct is supplied with a full scale drawing which shows the location and size of holes to cut for the vents to be installed. 

parcel shelf modification drawing

 1 - Cut out the profile of the parcel shelf and position it using spray mount or tape.

parcel shelf modification template


2 - Mark out the hole centres and boundaries.

parcel shelf modification marked up


 3 - Cut out the holes from the parcel shelf.  The shelf is only made of thin glass fibre and can be cut very easily.  Sand the areas approximately 5mm larger than the holes on the rear face of the parcel shelf.

parcel shelf modification holes cut

  4 - Bond in the supplied vents using a quick drying epoxy adhesive.

parcel shelf modification vents fitted

 5 - Once the adhesive has cured properly, refit the parcel shelf into the glider.

parcel shelf modification complete