The ASW19 and ASW20 Air Extraction Duct is designed as a direct replacement for the fuselage inspection panel.  Due to the complex nature of this design, the Air Extractor is made out of a structural rapid prototyping material that allows for an aerodynamically superior part and with hollow aerofoil sections, weighs approximately 70 grams. 

The manufactured product does not have a smooth surface due to the processing method used but this is perfectly acceptable for flying and can be left in direct sunlight.  A high quality finish can be achieved by lightly sanding with 180 grit sandpaper then priming, filling, painting and polishing.  

air extractor duct top view

Due to there being small differences in the fuselage cut-out shape between gliders, the outer edge is solid allowing the profile to be modified using a medium grade sand paper.  

The Air Extractor Duct will be supplied as a kit with the vents either as unfinished or finished with a gloss white paint.  As a special launch price, the unfinished kit will retail at £99 and the finished kit will retail at £120.  Both of these prices are excluding postage.

 air extractor duct fitted outer


 air extractor duct fitted inner

To order either of the kits please contact us here.

To assist with the air flow from the cockpit vent to the Air Extractor, it is suggested that the detachable parcel shelf behind the pilot’s head is modified and additional vents are added.  Full instructions for the modifications are in this article.

ASW Parcel Shelf Modification