LJPanels offer a number of options for wiring from completely replacing the aircraft wiring through to making new battery leads and anything in between. 

Often when new instruments are added to a panel, the excess wires are just bundled away and hidden out of site.  This can reduce the performance of FLARM and GPS aerials (for each additional meter of cable, 1dB of signal strength is lost) but also make it difficult to diagnose faults when they happen. 


If the panel you have does not need updating but you want simplified wiring or the ability to quickly remove the instrument panel from the aircraft or circuit breakers fitted to stop the requirement of carrying spare fuses for example, the company can rewire and replumb the aircraft with MIL-SPEC wiring and high quality components.


The company can also shorten FLARM and GPS cables using the correct high precision crimp tools and connectors, improving performance and tidying up the panel installation.